Monday, 22 April 2013

How to formulate a High-Quality Landing Page Design

Don’t make a deliberately low estimate of the power of a high-quality landing page design, it may factually create or terminate your internet marketing strategy. Potential buyers move to your landing page design for your internet marketing, that’s why these pages had enough power to make a conversion feasible. At the moment you have to execute and cap the transaction with your landing page design. By using best landing page designs you will be able to make it simple and even necessary for audiences to become consumers, whereas from another point of view, a low quality landing page design can severely destroy your marketing hard work. Here, few tested guidelines have been mentioned to help you come up with a lead capture landing page design.

Utilize related design components. Your lead capture page must be consistent with your remaining internet marketing campaign. One of the most effective and easiest methods to do so is by utilizing the identical color schemes, font styles and pictures that you utilize in your internet marketing. If you implement this technique, then you will be able to create some brand appreciation while allowing visitors realize they actually have come to the right place.

Include a CTA. This is one of the most crucial features after successfully executing it, this is the place where you seal the deal and make the desired conversion rate. Prior to making the CTA, you are required to evaluate what you want to your customers to do. It is required to be simple and comfortable to follow the action. You will be unable to achieve success if you fail to come up with a simple, attractive and most comfortable CTA button that helps you to convert the targeted online visitors into potential customers. And help increase the conversion rate.

Lead the eye. You can’t be a successful landing page designer and you can’t create a successful landing page if you cannot guide the eyes of your targeted online visitors through your landing page and help them to find out what they are exactly looking for. As the designer you are required to direct your readers. With elusive graphics and tactical locations on the page, and colors and font, you are able to guide the way in which the targeted online audiences or clients go through and read your content and have access to your CTA. You should consider it as weaving a charming story.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Five Essential Principles for attracting Landing Page Guests

With the intention of achieving your goal, you must have a complete plan in mind for actively doing things right. You will have to understand your potential clients to leave an impression on them. Hence, there are following the rules you must remember to make things go your way:

Make your Landing page look fresh
Make sure that the photos decorating your landing page design hit the right string with your potential customers and keep them on your page by attracting their full attention. This heading also includes the whole visual attraction of your landing page design.

Write relevant and interesting headlines
To ensure that the potential buyers to your landing page do not just move away, the headlines must create curiousness and be related to your offer. In this way, you will be able to motivate your potential clients to spend some time on your landing page to subscribe to your products and services.

Create short, decent and related ad copy
Don’t just rely on attractive headlines. You have to keep updating your landing page for better results. So, next you must focus on your landing page ad copy. Keep it relevant, good looking and brief. Its basic purpose is to draw all of users’ attention while communicating the related info about your products and services to them in small, fascinating dosages.

Make a reliable landing page form
In order to make your visitor fill out the lead capture form, you will have to communicate complete details of your business; they need to verify your offer before they provide their personal info. You can add a link to the privacy policy below your landing page form. In addition, you can also add few references and social evidence to express them that you’re authorized. These both tips will help you to make your visitors happy and ultimately enhance your click through rate.

Create accurate and clear call-to-action
You have to be charming about this specific part of the landing page design as this is the key element that directly affects your landing page conversions. If you have successfully implemented the previous four stages then you my dear have got a great chance to boost your business sales. To get benefits from this opportunity, you will have to make a precise call to action. Your call-to-action button on lead capture page must be purposely strong and perfect.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Few main advantages of an effective landing page designs

Online marketing is fast increasing with the passage of time and virtually all types of businesses worldwide is attempting to find ways to take advantage of its rich offerings in one way or another. With such immense development of such marketing techniques of this new age, landing pages are the leading ones and have evolved as one of the most influential and useful tools for online marketers to improve their marketing strategies and exploit all resources. If due to any immeasurable cause, you still have any reservations or questions related to the importance of landing pages, then I have underlined the following points that will assist you comprehend the significance and worth of the landing pages.

Earn big-fat revenues
By coming up with a properly designed and most effective landing page and using a successful landing page optimization tactics — all your endeavors with online marketing provide their outcomes by enabling you to achieve big fat ad revenues. It is very much achievable easily if you make your each landing page design with a particular objective in mind, and include high quality content with to-the-point and significant info. By doing so, you will be able to grab the attention of other marketers and they will be interested to place their ads on your pages.
By effectively executing landing page optimization policies, you will be able to aim your struggles to achieve revenues through premium and valuable content and fine SEO tactics provide the most satisfactory results. As all landing pages include just a particular category of info which the online targeted visitors need, all traffic is extremely targeted, providing huge amount of conversions.

Get better search engine ranking
All SEO individuals know the fact that the most simple and comfortable means to have better position in SERP is to include sufficient localized and to-the-point info in a landing page. As the landing pages are typically supposed to include just one particular sort of info, it turns out to be very easy and fast way for online marketers to organize those pages to contain the pertinent localized data that can help you have better search engine rankings.

Better social media connection
By allowing the customers, users and targeted visitors to share your posts and info on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you will have better online traffic on your landing page and you will be able to communicate with customers easily.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Four points to better landing page conversions

A lead generation page is only as efficient as its components. Make the most of the advantages connected with these components by sufficiently and accurately using them is the base to optimize your landing page design. By remembering following seven points, you will be able to improve your landing page designs from being just normal to being highly efficient.

Write correct and short headings: Write brief headings to give your potential clients complete knowledge of what you need them to do. You must ensure that your headings are relevant to your offer. Make headlines as short as feasible; however don’t make your headings too unclear or puzzling.

Use unique, creative and related content: don’t use repetitive words or sentences. Your online visitors will lose interest I your content and will not bother to read it. Try to keep your content as relevant and valuable as you can, so that visitors don’t lose interest and easily find what they are looking for. Provide each and every offer that you have for your visitors. The most important aspect you are required to concentrate on is the grammar and spelling and sentence structure of your content. A content which has grammatical mistakes can easily cause the visitors to leave your page right away. You should ensure to proofread content satisfactorily prior to putting it up.

Usage COLORS and PHOTOS suitably: You should come up with an eye-catching color combination but it should not be totally over the top. It is better to keep the color variety to as minimum as you can but it still should look attractive and simple. In addition, it is recommended to make use of images that can quickly grab the attention of your visitors as soon as they land on your page.

Use a Strong and Unique CTA: It is well known fact regarding the landing page design that include CTA that they get better reaction from the online visitors and have more conversion rates as opposed to those landing pages which don’t include a CTA. Most of the people go with the general “Buy Now!” or other alike boring CTA. You should better not use such CTAs as these are too much used. You should create some innovative and unique CTA.

SOCIAL MEDIA integration: In spite of your online audience’s interest in your products and services, there are still some offerings that are not getting enough sales. Today, it is era of social media network and integrating your landing page with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to not only increase your sales but also boost online traffic on your page.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How much effort best landing page design requires

Today, making a landing page design is progressively increasing and wide spreading business, as it is quite easy and almost everyone can make it by learning few things. But the landing page that really provides satisfactory conversion rate is quite difficult task and not everyone knows that effective aspects that are required to make landing page design provide desired conversion rates. In this article, I am going to share with you my experience of making a most effective landing page and my experience with some highly skilled professionals from whom I learned how to make best landing page design.

The foremost factor to keep in mind is the extremely important one, little patches and instant guidelines and tricks are not considered the effective mean to come up with a landing page that actually increases conversion rate. After making a landing page through any means, you can make use of quick-fixes and tricks in an attempt to optimize the page. Nevertheless, prior to making a new landing page, you are required to make strategy well ahead and pursue an organized method for fast, but long-term beneficial outcomes.

Regardless of your landing page’s attractiveness or eye-catching look, value proposition is the main thing that really matters and is the reason that can enable you to have competitive edge in the market against your competitors or enable you to totally take you out of the competition. You can make use of extremely stimulating and stirring slogans in your landing page, but you need to ensure that you are able to effectively carry out the tasks that you have planned prior to making your landing page and fulfill all the pledges. In this regard, you are required to provide a credible and verified proof in front of your targeted online audience. Without any proof or authenticity, your claims to provide most effective and valuable offers to your clients and claiming of your quality and reliability would not get you anywhere.

One of most crucial and effective practice for a best landing page design is to ensure an easily readable, convincible and to-the-point content that readily provide the required knowledge to your online visitors. Generally speaking, your online targeted viewers barely take some time to decide whether they should stay on your page or leave it. It means you are required to convert your online visitors into your customers in those few seconds. You can be successful in this regard if you are able to generate a content that convinces them to buy the product.

Friday, 5 April 2013

What factors are needed for best landing page designs

If you have a perfect landing page design, it can make a difference between a deal made and a lost deal for your products and services. A disrupting website design can cause the potential clients to get stunned and move away to a competitor’s site without getting through your associate links and subscribing for your business. You must maintain an impeccable balance between attractiveness and efficiency.

A perfect landing page design must be easy to navigate. If your potential buyers are not able to navigate through your webpages, they will be trapped on a single webpage. Though that single page might be the page, you would like them to study to make your sale; it merely might not enough for them. You must make available a menu for site navigation, where your visitors will be able to find a support page, about us page, a contact us page, a home page and a sitemap link. Preferably you would like to add your associate link to in the navigation menu.

A recent trend I realize is that people are starting to utilize blogs in order to attract their potential buyers.  I actually don’t like this because users visit the blogs to only read the content published on it. These visitors normally seek free material. The main page of these blogs typically consists of only the latest stuff. Therefore, it does not involve any preselling of the potential buyers. Preferably, you need to make your website a powerful central point where the visitor’s attention is drawn instantly. So, on the main page of your website, you must make a presell copy to promote your products or services to your readers.

Keep in mind that I said presell and not sell. A wise and successful associate will most likely inform the targeted audiences to make them inquisitive and will be more interested in knowing further about the products and services that is being provided. It has been observed that a large number of individuals choose inaccurate means to presell the targeted audience and often carry out a tough sell and demonstrate to them that this is what they are required to solve their issues and to help them find what they want. It seems the effective way to warm up the targeted audiences. However, the most effective means is to associate it with the visitors in your landing page design, thus you will be able to get their reliance more than direct selling.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easy and Simple Steps to Create an Effective Squeeze page design

While creating a landing page design, most of the graphic designers usually focus on strong headlines, short and creative writing, and strong call-to-action. However the main question is whether you’ve a profitable landing page design for your business site. There are several ways to know if you have one that is effective and profitable. One method that will immediately come into your mind is the conversion rate. If your business is growing as a result of large sales, then perhaps you would not like to test the efficiency of your landing page design. However if your business does not make a satisfactory sales then perhaps your landing page design will not be converting well and you would  like to find out why it is not effective or profitable.

There are huge types and designs of squeeze pages and not all of them are developed in a same way. Having said that, let us see what one needs to come up with an effective and perfectly working squeeze page design. There are usually three most important and basic factors that one needs to consider to be able to create a page that perfectly and considerably converts your targeted online visitors into potential customers and boost sales of your products and services.

Those three factors are: An eye-catching Headline, Graphic of the Lead Magnet, and Horizontal opt-in bar. Not having these most crucial and fundamental factors will be very risky for your page. Without these factors, your page will not be able to turn your online visitors into potential clients and you will not be able to generate leads or increase your sales. Even if you include two factors, but not one of them, then you still will not be able to grab attention of people and you will not be able to convert them into potential clients and you will not be able to increase sales of your products and services. Therefore, in order to make the most out of your investment in this project, you are required to include all these crucial factors into your squeeze page design. Apart from including them, you are also required to keep them in exact and suitable order. The correct order is: first eye-catching headline, secondly graphics of the lead magnet and in the end, you include horizontally opt-in bar that provides your targeted online visitors a chance to register on your page and purchase whatever they want.

The most important factor of three of them is the horizontal opt-in bar. You may have come across the opt-in bars which are placed in the middle, on the left or on the right of the page. Through a number of researches and observations, it has been confirmed that the most effective and perfect functional converting templates are those that include horizontal opt-in bar. Significantly, the horizontal opt-in bars are supposed to come with a clear call to action (CTA) and a field for putting email address. A CTA button near the opt-in demonstrate to your targeted online visitors that they can easily have anything right now what you are offering to them. Through some researches, it also has been confirmed that that the words “have quick access" are most effective words that significantly increase conversion rates. But using those words depends on what you are offering. You can create more effective and influential words depending on your offers.
Add an eye-catching but simple color combination to give a finishing touch to your page. Adding inappropriate colors can cause your online visitors to leave your page immediately.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Highly effective marketing strategy

Sometimes it has become very difficult to find ways that how to improve and enhance business by using different methods and tools inspire of having money and resources. It is a wild goose chase to invest money in different segments with knowing the avenues. I gain congratulate the I.T expertise for this who have made it possible and easier to find that what is right and what is wrong and what are the tools and methods which can bring high chances of success.

It is pertinent to mention that whenever we make the feasibility report to start any sort of business we make the list of audience and target market, but most of the time this remains the big question mark that how to hit and approach the desired audience and targeted market. In this case scenario the role of I.T professionals are very cruel and important.

Simply make landing page design which contains the basic and relevant information, in such marketing very lengthy information which contains cock and bull stories are not required. Be precise and to the point and portrays a clearer picture to the audience to whom you wanted to target and execute your action plan.

While making landing page design and even squeeze page design this factor should be kept in mind that all the shared information should be easily accessible and readable for the audience it gives a very good impression. Like the push button, signing up, downloading option and even the option of making calls should be quite appropriate and readable.

Once you have completed the relevant formalities than go ahead and execute your strategy. Put your maximum input and definitely the maximum result will come in your favor, in the form of rush of traffic at your website. Then again this requires vigilant concentration to make your prospective buyers into the secured sales. Continuous follow ups are important factors which keeps the clients intact. Another key performance area is after sales service. After proving your services to any customer take him in the loop and after giving after sales services, generate leads and gather references from the same customer.

All these key performance areas will be beneficial for your business promotion once you make the effective landing page design followed by squeeze page design by taking the expertise of the professional landing page designers. I conclude my article with this famous and inspirational Quote that together we can achieve all this.