Thursday, 4 April 2013

Easy and Simple Steps to Create an Effective Squeeze page design

While creating a landing page design, most of the graphic designers usually focus on strong headlines, short and creative writing, and strong call-to-action. However the main question is whether you’ve a profitable landing page design for your business site. There are several ways to know if you have one that is effective and profitable. One method that will immediately come into your mind is the conversion rate. If your business is growing as a result of large sales, then perhaps you would not like to test the efficiency of your landing page design. However if your business does not make a satisfactory sales then perhaps your landing page design will not be converting well and you would  like to find out why it is not effective or profitable.

There are huge types and designs of squeeze pages and not all of them are developed in a same way. Having said that, let us see what one needs to come up with an effective and perfectly working squeeze page design. There are usually three most important and basic factors that one needs to consider to be able to create a page that perfectly and considerably converts your targeted online visitors into potential customers and boost sales of your products and services.

Those three factors are: An eye-catching Headline, Graphic of the Lead Magnet, and Horizontal opt-in bar. Not having these most crucial and fundamental factors will be very risky for your page. Without these factors, your page will not be able to turn your online visitors into potential clients and you will not be able to generate leads or increase your sales. Even if you include two factors, but not one of them, then you still will not be able to grab attention of people and you will not be able to convert them into potential clients and you will not be able to increase sales of your products and services. Therefore, in order to make the most out of your investment in this project, you are required to include all these crucial factors into your squeeze page design. Apart from including them, you are also required to keep them in exact and suitable order. The correct order is: first eye-catching headline, secondly graphics of the lead magnet and in the end, you include horizontally opt-in bar that provides your targeted online visitors a chance to register on your page and purchase whatever they want.

The most important factor of three of them is the horizontal opt-in bar. You may have come across the opt-in bars which are placed in the middle, on the left or on the right of the page. Through a number of researches and observations, it has been confirmed that the most effective and perfect functional converting templates are those that include horizontal opt-in bar. Significantly, the horizontal opt-in bars are supposed to come with a clear call to action (CTA) and a field for putting email address. A CTA button near the opt-in demonstrate to your targeted online visitors that they can easily have anything right now what you are offering to them. Through some researches, it also has been confirmed that that the words “have quick access" are most effective words that significantly increase conversion rates. But using those words depends on what you are offering. You can create more effective and influential words depending on your offers.
Add an eye-catching but simple color combination to give a finishing touch to your page. Adding inappropriate colors can cause your online visitors to leave your page immediately.

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